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Deschamps: If France is Boring You, Go Watch Something Else

Deschamps: If France is Boring You, Go Watch Something Elseillustration

France coach Didier Deschamps remains unfazed by criticisms regarding his team's playing style. Ahead of the European Championship semifinal against Spain on Tuesday, Deschamps responded to claims that France's gameplay is dull compared to Spain's dynamic approach.

The semifinal match showcases two contrasting styles. Spain has been one of the most exciting teams at , while France has been criticized for its lackluster performance. Spain has won all five of its matches and scored a tournament-high 11 goals. In contrast, France has won only two matches, excluding the penalty shootout victory over Portugal, and has scored just three goals—two from own goals and one from a penalty.

“If we're boring you, you can watch something else, it doesn't matter,” Deschamps said on Monday when questioned about the criticism of his team's performance. “It's a very particular European Championship, with less goals than normal. We have the chance to make France happy, in a delicate situation for the country. If (others) are bored, I don't really care.”

France's captain, Kylian Mbappé, is dealing with the challenge of wearing a face mask after breaking his nose in the opening match, which has affected his performance. Antoine Griezmann has also faced criticism for his lack of impact, having played in various positions and even being benched for the group-stage match against Poland.

“We have 100% blind faith in (Mbappé and Griezmann). We know they are players that can change a match in an instant,” midfielder Adrien Rabiot said on Monday. “We will need them … we are all very surprised as we know Antoine's quality. I don't know how to explain it, maybe he is a bit less well physically. We were expecting a lot more from Antoine but we are behind all of our players.”

In contrast to France's quarterfinal against Portugal, which ended in a 0-0 draw and was decided by penalties, Spain secured a dramatic 2-1 victory over with a last-minute goal in extra time.

“We all try to make game plans that help you win,” Spain coach Luis said. “Our model is close to that of a beautiful show. We are a very attractive team, but here it is about winning. You have to be attractive, but also practical … at this point what counts is the result.

“What I value and analyze is the potential. And (France) is exceptional, fantastic. It has very high-level players and a very good team. I always enjoy football. France doesn't bore me. We have different styles.”

While France has struggled offensively, its defense has been strong, conceding only one goal—a retaken penalty by Poland's Robert Lewandowski during the group stage.

Monday marked Deschamps' 12-year anniversary as France's coach. Leading the team to its fourth major final in eight years would be a significant achievement for him.

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